Nintendo Vs. UniSystem/DualSystem Chipsets

Order replacement chipsets for all Nintendo Vs. games. Order complete chipsets to be used in your Unisystem or DualSystem machines! Game list is below, along with the required PPU and/or additional hardware that you will need to work with your chipset.

These eprom chipsets will be tested in actual Nintendo hardware before shipping, so you know that they will work when you install them.

Contact Us for pricing and availability. Available game chipsets usually ship within 2 business days of payment.

Vs. Game TitlePPU RequiredOther Requirements
Vs. Balloon Fight RP2C04-0003 DualSystem Only - Double Chipset
Vs. Baseball RP2C04-0001 DualSystem Only - Double Chipset
Vs. Battle City RP2C04-0001
Vs. Castlevania RP2C04-0002 Daughterboard
Vs. Clu Clu Land RP2C04-0004
Vs. Dr. Mario RP2C04-0003 Daughterboard
Vs. Duck Hunt RC2C03B, RC2C03C, or RP2C03B Light Gun
Vs. Excite Bike RP2C04-0003
Vs. Excite Bike (Japanese Version) RP2C04-0004
Vs. Freedom Force RP2C04-0001 Daughterboard and Light Gun
Vs. Golf RP2C04-0002
Vs. Golf (Japanese Version) RC2C03B, RC2C03C, or RP2C03B
Vs. The Goonies RP2C04-0003 Daughterboard
Vs. Gradius RP2C04-0001 Daughterboard
Vs. Gumshoe RC2C05-03 Light Gun
Vs. Hogan's Alley RP2C04-0001 Light Gun
Vs. Ice Climber RP2C04-0004
Vs. Ladies Golf RP2C04-0002
Vs. Mach Rider RP2C04-0002
Vs. Mach Rider (Japanese Version) RP2C04-0001
Vs. Mahjang RC2C03B, RC2C03C, or RP2C03B DualSystem Only - Double Chipset
Vs. Mighty Bomb Jack RP2C04-0001
Vs. Ninja Jajamaru Kun RC2C05-01 or RC2C05-04
Vs. Pinball RP2C04-0001
Vs. Pinball (Japanese Version) RC2C03B, RC2C03C, or RP2C03B
Vs. Super Xevious RP2C04-0001 Daughterboard
Vs. R.B.I. Baseball RP2C04-0001 Daughterboard
Vs. Platoon RP2C04-0001 Daughterboard
Vs. Raid on Bungeling Bay RP2C04-0002
Vs. Skate Kid (SMB Graphics Hack) RP2C04-0004
Vs. Slalom RP2C04-0002
Vs. Star Luster RC2C03B, RC2C03C, or RP2C03B
Vs. Soccer RP2C04-0003
Vs. Super Mario Bros. RP2C04-0004
Vs. Super Sky Kid RP2C04-0001 Daughterboard
Vs. Tennis RC2C03B, RC2C03C, or RP2C03B DualSystem Only - Double Chipset
Vs. Tetris RP2C04-0001
Vs. Top Gun RC2C05-04 Daugherboard
Vs. TKO Boxing RP2C04-0003 Daughterboard
Vs. Wrecking Crew RP2C04-0002 DualSystem Only - Double Chipset

Please remember that all of these game titles are public domain and available as free downloads via the Internet. You are NOT purchasing the game itself. You ARE purchasing a set of EPROMs and paying a service fee for the time it takes to put the game selection on to the EPROMs and ship them to your location. This fee includes having these EPROMs fully tested to insure they will fuction as desired when you install onto your existing hardware.