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Skate Kid PC10 and NES Products

Many of you might know about VS Skate Kid for the Nintendo VS System. Most people don't realize that this graphics enhancement kit was originally offered from Two-Bits back in 1988. We recently found out that this graphics kit was also available for the Playchoice. Our available custom Skate Kid products are available now:

Custom Playchoice Chipset (for you to convert your own PC-10 cart)
NES Cartridge
Playchoice Cartridge

Vs. Goonies/Vs. Gradius Game Switcher

Our custom Game Switcher takes the place of the two EPROMS on your existing Vs. Goonies or Vs. Gradius daughtercard and will now allow you to play both games on the same board. There is a simple push button switch that will allow you to switch between games**. You will no longer need two separate daughercards to play these two great Vs. titles!!!

**A power off/on of the machine is required to start the other game.

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